New guitar

Finally made it down to Pittsburgh to Acoustic Music works, with the intention of checking out short scale Bourgeois guitars. After about 3 hours of trying everything from Breedloves to Collings, picked up a used 2005 Sullivan SMSA-T that I instantly fell in love with. Cedar top, rosewood back and sounds, and a near-perfect neck for my size and shape hands. I have no idea how Jim Sullivan pulls this amount of sound out of a relatively small-body guitar... I'll need to get a pickup installed, but man, for now, I am just enjoying playing this baby.

I can't say enough about the impression AMW left on me, by the way. Well worth your drive from, well, anywhere! Steve is knowledgable, patient and a fan of good folk and acoustic music. And besides, any friend of Scott Ainslie's is a friend of mine!

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