End of summer 2018

I'm embarrassed to see I haven't had an entry here in literally years! It's not like nothing has happened... wrapping up summer with doing a bit of fall booking - will be heading to Pittsburgh to open for Friction Farm in October, up to Connecticut for some showcases at NERFA, King Street Coffeehouse's new digs in Sunbury in April for starters, and nailed down some music brunches on my "home stage" at Webster's Bookstore Café for next year... going to be full length solo shows, maybe even trotting out some songs in dadgad tuning for the first time in a long, long time. 

Since I last posted, I've sold the Sullivan guitar; she was a beauty but I just wasn't playing her enough. Been doing most of my gigs on the small body Taylor 12-fret, but will be mixing it up with the Lowden as well, especially for alternate tunings. 

And what's new with you? 

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