Bellefonte Unplugged Wrap up

We wrapped up our 2009 edition of Bellefonte Unplugged with an intimate workshop with Hannah Bingman and myself, and friends Terry and Kerri.. hmm, if we could have rustled up a Jerry or a Mary, we might could have turned that into a song! This has been a fun year for the workshops, with the lovely and talented Jenny Goodspeed kicking the season off, and the equally lovely, albeit in a manly, Cleveland Browns shirt wearin' kind of way with Dave Potts.

The PCA local grants funding has gone away for 2010, so I'm not sure if this series will return, if it stays in its present form, whatever. The idea of a sponsor is a possibility, but frankly I hate going to a business with my hand out. One thing is for certain, while our audiences have typically been small, the talent shared has be bountiful, so thank you all artists who have participated over the last 3 years;

Marc Douglas Berardo, Westerly R.I

 Jud Caswell, Lewiston, Maine

Joe Crookston, Ithaca, NY

Dave Potts, Auburn, AL

Jenny Goodspeed, Boston, MA

Hannah Bingman, Huntingdon, PA

I guess now that i think about it, I bookended the series, hosting the first one, and co-hosting the last one. Well, one thing is for certain, nobody can say I didn't try, and nobody that came out can say I didn't bring in some serious talent for these.

My thanks for those who came out and attended. My sincere hope is that you got something out of the workshops.

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