2020 would have been my 20th year of performing! While COVID-19 trashed my performance schedule that year, my goal is now to celebrate 20 years in 2022/23, what do you say? The Kinda Sorta 20th Anniversary Tour! 2023 is rolling with some dates already booked, returning to some old favorite venues and some brand new locations as well.  Have a suggestion for where I could play? I'm open to new opportunities, shoot me a note and sign up for my mailing list if you're so inclined! 

what's next?


First Fork Festival

Sinnemahoning State Park

Details to come - happy to be returning to one of the most beautiful parks in the Commonwealth, for the First Fork Festival! Lots of PA-based material in the set list, specific times to come (likely, 2 one hour sets with a break in between.)

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