I have a newly remastered, very limited quantity of my 5 Live EP available again. The disc consists of (mostly) live soundboard recordings. While intended primarily for booking and presenters to get a feel of what I do live, I'm thinking if you're on this page, you might like it too. Tracks include:

Boattail Riviera

I don't know how to watch you walk away

The Fire's Still Burning (Centralia)

Always Loved the Falling

It Took Hands

plus two bonus studio cuts: Skies Over Clare and Clemente

To order, send me an e-mail for more info if you would like to send a check, or do PayPal jimcolbert@aol.com $10 postpaid. Think about it! When these are gone, they're gone. Professionally-printed packaging, but each disc is signed and numbered.

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  • Jun 30
    Webster's Bookstore Cafe,  State College
  • Sep 22
    Webster's Bookstore Cafe,  State College