Jim Colbert
James P. Colbert


When I was a young boy growing up in Johnstown, I had 4 real heroes: John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Bruno Sammartino, and Pirates uniform #21, Roberto Clemente. Clemente died heading into New Years day 1973, flying an overloaded, not-airworthy plane full of relief supplies to Nicaraguan earthquake victims. His last time at bat, he hit his 3000th hit.



(a capella)

The first time that I’m sure I cried
Was on the day Clemente died
Moonlit wings fell from the sky
Into dark and trembling waters
All that passion, all that pride
Lost to the Atlantic skies
But legacies won’t be denied
And heroes never fade

Hail Roberto, full of grace
Sweat and pride mixed on his face
From the right field wall
Down to third base
With an arm just like a cannon
Stats alone can’t tell the tale
Dreamers dream, they lways will
Golden gloves and golden sails
And heroes never fade

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